Ursuline is the ‘Victor’ with Pick 4

Phillipsburg, St. Maarten – August 10, 2020: Despite having won $10,000 earlier in March, Ursuline Victor was not expecting to win 10 times that amount in her favourite Pick 4 game.  

Whilst sitting at home on Sunday afternoon August 2nd, Ms. Victor noted that she was watching an old movie on “Lifetime” when a particular house number was repeatedly displayed on her television screen.  Although tired, she felt compelled to try her luck and visited the retail agent at El Cokin Bar and Restaurant to purchase her Pick 4 ticket, with a wager of $25.00. 

To her surprise, the conviction she felt for the lucky numbers 2 9 1 1 resulted in a windfall win of $100,000. “I am overjoyed and extremely grateful for this win.  I have been playing with the Caribbean Lottery for years and like my previous win, I just could not fight the feeling that I had to play those numbers.”

Paula Williams, Site Manager at the Caribbean Lottery, excitedly stated, “On behalf of the Caribbean Lottery, we are so delighted to share in this moment with Ms. Victor, who has certainly lived up to her surname as a ‘Victor’ with Pick 4. Having shown much dedication and conviction, we anticipate that she will continue to reap even bigger rewards in the future, and we wish her much success on her winnings.”

Ms. Victor indicated that at the moment, she has not decided what she will do with her winnings, but she will put the money in the bank until she determines how she will spend it.

“I will definitely continue playing and to all the other players, don’t give up! You have to be in the game to win and you can certainly be a lucky winner just like I am,” shared Ms. Victor.



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