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1. What are the winning numbers for the next draw?

Sorry we just don’t know until the draw is over. Everybody wants to know what the winning numbers are before the next draw. Alas nobody knows and nobody can influence the outcome except for Lady Luck. It’s all about the luck of the draw and you have to be in it to win it!


2. What happens if I lose my ticket but I know it was a winner?

Keep your ticket safe because if you lose your ticket you lose your proof of purchase and entry into the draw. You therefore lose your legal claim to any prize money. It’s legally important that you keep your ticket and SIGN the back of it so that if you lose it and someone else finds it they can not claim your prize. The Lottery can only pay out if a winning ticket is presented and is legally obliged to pay the prize to the person who presents the winning ticket – so long as the ticket is valid and they are eligible to claim a prize. We urge you to keep tickets in a safe place as you would with anything else that is of value.


3. Can I stay anonymous if I win?

We do on rare exceptions allow winners to remain completely anonymous but most often we will encourage winners to accept some publicity – most of the time they have already told people so it’s hard to keep any secrets from the media. It is part of the contract with the lottery to allow publicity if you win. Other players like to see and hear of people winning – it gives them hope and confidence in the integrity of the lottery. We encourage you to share your good news but will abide by data protection acts and all local laws governing your privacy. We do not publish or reveal home details or telephone numbers to anyone other than those restricted few who administer your prize claim.


4. Can I buy Caribbean Lottery tickets on the web?

No, not yet and not for some time due to US and other international laws that govern purchases of lottery tickets in the Caribbean.


5. How long does it take before I get my money if I win a big prize?

Jackpot prizes are usually paid within a week to the winner pending successful validation procedures that check that the ticket is genuine and that the winner is old enough to claim the prize. Jackpots or second prizes for PowerBall will be paid after two weeks because it takes that long to collect and transfer the prize amount from all the participating states.


6. Can I play PowerBall in one of the Caribbean Islands other than USVI?

No, you can only play PowerBall in the USVI or any one of the 31 member states that are licensed to play the game. The USVI is the only state in the Caribbean that has the license. It is illegal to sell PowerBall tickets elsewhere in the Caribbean.


7. Can I play and win Caribbean Lottery games if I am a tourist or just visiting?

Yes you can so long as you are over 18 years old. Ideally you should claim your prize in the Caribbean. If, however, you discover you have won when you are back in your home country then let us know and we will discuss the best way for submitting your claim from a distance.


8. Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

Because tax laws vary from country to country, the answer to this question will depend on the laws of the country where a ticket is purchased.


9. Where can I see the draws taking place?

Caribbean Lottery draws are now automated, in recognition of the growing industry trend toward the use of fully secure random number generators. The results of the drawings are available in the local media for the benefit and information of Caribbean Lottery players.


10. Where can I get results quickly?

Caribbean Lottery players can see winning number results on the Caribbean Lottery website, or request winning number results from selling terminals at any lottery retailer location.


11. How long do I have to claim a prize if I win before it becomes void?

Caribbean Lottery prizes must be claimed within 90 days following the drawing in which a prize has been won. Instant Scratch Ticket prizes must be claimed within 90 days following the official end of the game in which a prize has been won. Powerball prizes must be claimed within 180 days following the drawing in which a prize has been won.


12. What happens to unclaimed prizes?

Most Caribbean Lottery prizes are claimed by players; however, the money represented by unclaimed Caribbean Lottery prizes is used to increase future jackpots because the Caribbean Lottery is committed to increasing player satisfaction in all of its participating territories.


13. What is the PowerBall annuity option?

Powerball jackpot prize winners have the option, when claiming their prize, of receiving a lump sum payment in cash up front, or guaranteed annual payments for 29 years (30 payments). There is a 60 day period after presenting your winning ticket to make the decision. For more details visit the PowerBall web site at www.powerball.com


14. How do I become an agent for the Caribbean Lottery?

If you are interested in becoming one of our agents then please contact us. We will ask you to complete a few application forms that will help us to determine how successful you could be as an agent for us. We will then send one of our representatives to meet with you and discuss the process and benefits of becoming an agent. We select agents carefully to make sure we have the best network and coverage of agents in the Caribbean to serve the playing public.


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