Seven Winners, And Counting, for a Pick 4 Draw

Basseterre, St. Kitts – November 11, 2019: In an unusual stroke of luck, no less than seven winners have come forward to claim prizes for one Pick 4 draw, which took place on Saturday, November 2, 2019. The total payout was EC$192,000. 

Meanwhile, Caribbean Lottery is still waiting for some winners to come forward. The lucky numbers were four nines - 9999.

“This is quite an extraordinary occasion,” said Sabina Harrinarain, Office Manager at the Caribbean Lottery in St. Kitts. “The Pick 4 game is always very popular, and this time we have several lucky winners who picked four nines. We congratulate them all, and we hope that these wins will help them with their Christmas expenses. We also hope that the remaining winners will come forward to claim their prizes.”

Leroy Glasford said this was his lucky number, based on his and friends’ birth dates. He will save some of his EC$8,000 prize and use the rest for Christmas shopping. Candace Taylor, who won the same amount, is a daily Pick 4 player but plays random numbers, sometimes using birth dates also. The mother of four will pay some bills, buy something nice for the children – and save the rest.

Most of the winners are regular players. A proud mother of nine, Sylvia Duncan has been playing Caribbean Lottery games for over five years. She works in the education sector, and her EC$8,000 win put a smile on her face. Also a regular player, Margie Williams has won thousands of dollars from Caribbean Lottery games over the years. She says: “I will put most of my $20,000 win in the bank and use some for Christmas shopping.” Julie Green, who like Ms. Williams has been playing since the early days of Caribbean Lottery games, says the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games are her favorites. She is a retired pensioner and the mother of twelve; her $4,000 win came just in time for her to pay some upcoming bills.

Two of the winners partnered with family members to win. Shirley Matthew’s daughter always helps her choose numbers, and bought their $4,000 winning ticket. Ms. Matthew plans to save it all. Meanwhile, Susan Liddie and her husband are long-term players on the Caribbean Lottery; they won $16,000 from two tickets. Now, Christmas shopping with their wins is also on the agenda for them both.

Ms. Taylor has some advice for other players: “Play Pick 4, it’s a great game!” Her fellow winners agree.



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