Settling in with Jackpot Win

June 12, 2019 – St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: Kimberly A. Flynn had a delighted smile on her face after her instant win of US$108,000 with the Caribbean Lottery’s Extreme Crazy 8 jackpot. She describes her win as “a timely blessing.”

Mrs. Flynn’s win has special importance for her and her family’s future. She came to the island of St. Croix after the hurricanes of September 2017, to help in the recovery efforts. The U.S. Virgin Islands were badly hit by both Hurricanes, Irma and Maria. Now she has grown to love St. Croix and is thinking of putting down roots on the island. 

“I am planning to share the winnings with my family,” said Mrs. Flynn. “But I am not going to continue renting accommodation here. I am going to look into purchasing a home on St. Croix, because I have grown to love it so much here.”

Mrs. Flynn said she had been playing scratch tickets for the past two years and had won a small amount on some other Crazy 8 tickets that she had bought the day before. She used those winnings to buy a ticket at the St. Croix Caribbean Lottery Retail Office - and that won her the big cash payout. 

Site Operations Manager at Caribbean Lottery, Brian Gardine extended his congratulations to Mrs. Flynn, observing, “We are so pleased for Mrs. Flynn. Here in the U.S. Virgin Islands we have been working hard to get back on our feet since that terrible hurricane season, and we have appreciated the support of family members and volunteers who came to help. Now we are happy that, as a result of her win, she might consider staying with us.”

Mrs. Flynn enthused: “This win can only change my life for the better!”



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