Play, Win & Multiply with the Caribbean Lottery’s all new Multiplier Suite of Games

Christiansted, USVI – June 8, 2021: New and existing players of the Caribbean Lottery’s games are reaping the benefits of the all new 100X the Cash and 50X the Cash scratch tickets in the Multiplier Suite of games.

With over $2.9 million in total cash prizes to be won, the $20 100X the Cash scratch ticket gives the player approximately 33 chances to win up to $200,000 and the $10 50X the Cash scratch ticket a total of 27 chances to win up to $80,000.  Both games are available from the Caribbean Lottery Retail Store and lottery retail agents islandwide.

Brian Gardine, Site Manager for the Caribbean Lottery mentioned: “It is always an exciting feeling to know that we are giving our customers more opportunities to win. Our customers love our easy to play scratch ticket games and the new Multiplier series combines this ease of play with two economical cost options and multiple chances to win.”

To assist ease of play and ‘multiply” greater interest, customers can learn “How to Play” the 100X the Cash and 50X the Cash scratch ticket games via the Caribbean Lottery’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Adhering to the tagline "Your Money Multiplier”, each game gives players multiple chances to receive money-multiplying rewards.  “Our players have already shown great interest in both games,” stated Mr. Gardine, “and are excited to PLAY, WIN & MULTIPLY with the 100X the Cash and 50X the Cash scratch ticket games.”



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