Pick 4 Winner Says His Winnings Are All for the Family

Basseterre, St. Kitts – January 14, 2020: Justin Francis is a daily player of the Caribbean Lottery games who consistently won small amounts. He plays several games regularly (Pick 3, Pick 4, Lucky Pick and Super Lotto), because as he says: “You have to play to win, so take a chance.” 

As luck would have it, on the day Mr. Francis finally won big with a Pick 4 win of $21,655, he had initially set aside the ticket money for another purpose. However, the cashier at the Caribbean Lottery Retail Office encouraged him to play. “I am so grateful to her!” exclaimed Mr. Francis, who is a bus driver by profession. He always plays the same numbers, because he believes he will eventually win. What are these numbers? That is his secret!

Mr. Francis plans to consult with his daughter regarding his New Year win. “She always helps me with financial planning,” he said. “I think about my children and grandchildren, because if I should win the Super Lotto, the money would be for all of them.” He jokingly added: “One of my granddaughters just asked me recently when I am going to win, so that I can pay for her college tuition!”

Sabina Harrinarain, Office Manager at the Caribbean Lottery, warmly congratulated Mr. Francis on his Pick 4 win. “We do admire Mr. Francis for his persistence, playing Caribbean Lottery games on a daily basis,” she said. “We are especially touched that his family’s welfare is a top priority for him. At the Caribbean Lottery, we are always happy to support the education and welfare of our younger citizens.”

Mr. Francis remains highly motivated. “Sometimes I feel demoralized when I don’t win,” he confessed, “but this New Year has started out great for me! I am feeling glad for it.”



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