Pick 4 Winner Is Both a People Person and a Numbers Person

Basseterre, St. Kitts – October 1, 2019: Pick 4 winner Orville Kelly has been playing for many years. The 72-year-old married man has had some wins before – ever since he was a young man living in London. This time he struck luck with a win of $8,000.00. He purchased his ticket at F&H Frisco gas station in Basseterre. 

Mr. Kelly is a taxi driver with an upbeat outlook on life. “Being self-employed is lovely,” he said. “I love working with people.” He adds, “Without tourism we can’t survive in this country.” His win will help him to pay some bills and obtain parts for his car, so he describes himself as “happy and relieved.” 

“I am a numbers person,” said Mr. Kelly. “I do birthdays, and any number combination. Then I stick with it! This time, I decided to do all even numbers – it was just an instinct, a hunch.”

Mr. Kelly explained further: “I just base things on the law of averages.” He advised other players to follow the same strategy, pointing out, “There are only so many days in the year.” He said that he mostly plays the Pick 4 game, which is his favourite: “I just love it!” Occasionally, he plays the Super Lotto and Lucky Pick. 

Mr. Kelly really enjoys playing Caribbean Lottery games. “I play the same numbers every day, regularly, all four draws,” he said.

Sabina Harrinarain, Office Manager at Caribbean Lottery, congratulated Mr. Kelly on his win. “He is truly a dedicated player and we are very pleased to hear that he enjoys playing with Caribbean Lottery. Pick 4 draws are in the morning, midday, sunset and evening.” 

Mr. Kelly is very enthusiastic. “I love the buzz in the morning, when I look to see if I have won,” he says. 

“This is my thing!”



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