Orville has a ‘Licence To Win’ with Pick 4

Basseterre, St. Kitts – June 25, 2019: When Orville Daniel bought his car in 2016, he decided to use the licence plate numbers for his Pick 4 in the Caribbean Lottery – it has now given him the jackpot win of $21,665.00. 

“From I decided to play this number I’ve been getting lots of second prizes,” Mr. Daniel says, “and so I kept the faith for the big win.” 

He says he was at home when someone called him and asked if he had played his number. “Boy, when I see that the number played I had a huge reaction – I jump and jump till I can’t jump no more and then I laid down and roll,” he reveals.

A First Mate with Island Water Sports, the Pick 4 winner always gets his tickets at RJS Main. “It is more convenient to where I live and I play the Caribbean Lottery almost every day,” he explains. 

The big winner is a 42-year-old tourism worker. “I love everything, I get up every day excited to do my job, we bring 98% of the tourists to Nevis,” he states proudly.

The Pick 4 winner says he is “happy but subdued” and says that although the Pick 4 is his favourite game, he also plays the Super Lotto, the Pick 3 and the Scratch games and goes by “his feelings” in deciding what to buy and what numbers to play.

Orville says the win will make a big difference in his life, but his first plan is to buy his favourite drink “because it don’t give me no kinda trouble (unlike the ladies).”

His advice to other players is: “Play every day. You basically got to be in it to win it. You can’t win it if you ain’t in it.”



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