New Metal Pearl 7s instant scratch ticket offers exciting chances to win instant cash


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New Metal Pearl 7s instant scratch ticket offers exciting chances to win instant cash

May 05, 2021 – Caribbean Lottery's new $5 instant scratch ticket game "Metal Pearl 7s" offers players 15 chances to win up to $50,000 on one ticket. The all-new dual instant scratch ticket game is easy to play, and players can win instantly with a high amount of cash and prizes.

Brian Gardine and Paula Williams, Site Operations Managers of the Caribbean Lottery both stated: "We believe this new game will bring enhanced enjoyment for our players.  Our instant scratch tickets offer different innovations for our players who have come to enjoy the variety of our lottery games. This new engaging product will be welcomed as it provides 15 chances to win off of one ticket. As a bonus, the dual face of the tickets is very visually attractive."

With the tagline "Win Some Luxury," the quick prizes potentially offer a chance to grab some opportunity and comfort in what has been a challenging year for many. When players purchase a ticket, they will see the Metal or Pearl sides of the game alternatively stacked in the bins at the cashier.

For just $5, a player can potentially net a high amount of prizes from one ticket, and with retailers being able to cash up to USD$599 per ticket, each player can benefit from some quick and easy wins on the spot.

"We pride ourselves in offering an innovative suite of games for all our valued players,” added Mr. Gardine and Ms. Williams. “With just our promotional posters at retail agent locations, we have seen a lot of interest by both retailers and the wider public, so we believe this new game will be a major hit."



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