Lucky St. Kitts Winner

Everyone has their own way of playing Caribbean Lottery games. For one Sandy Point resident, it is to put all the numbers into a bag, shake it up and pull them out. This is not any ordinary bag; it is a special cloth bag that the keen lottery player keeps for this purpose. "I have had it for years", he says, pointing out that he has been playing the Lucky Pick game since its inception. In fact, his favorite game is the Pick 4, so he usually begins by drawing four numbers out of the bag.

Having shaken up the bag, he puts his hand in a picks out the numbers without looking. This method worked really well for him this time, as he is the new winner of the Lucky Pick jackpot of EC$ 175,700. He says he is still matovated to continue playing, and encourages others: "Just keep playing". "It has been a very rainy year", he adds. "So, i am going to use the money to get a whole new roof. Up to now, i've been just patching it up!".

The Caribbean Lottery congratulates our newest St. Kittss Lucky Pick winner on his jackpot win!



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