Lucky Pick 4 Player To Use Winnings To Complete Project

Phillipsburg, St. Maarten – January 21, 2019: Wilfred James feels honoured to be collecting a cheque of $43,330 on behalf of his friend who won from playing the Pick 4 game.

This lucky winner is a regular Pick 4 player. He always plays the same number, 1941, which represents the year his father was born. 

This is not the first time that this lucky winner has won playing Pick 4. Late last year he won $40,000.  

Pick 4 is indeed his favourite Caribbean Lottery game. The winner shared that he chose this game because it offers “bigger payout and ease of winning.”

“With this win, I am more excited and grateful than ever, as it will definitely allow me to complete my ongoing project. I am thankful to Caribbean Lottery for allowing me this opportunity.”

The avid Pick 4 player advises players to not be deterred, “Don’t get discouraged, you definitely need to be in the game in order to have a chance, and the Caribbean Lottery has been good to me.”

Paula Williams, Site Operations Manager at Caribbean Lottery shared her excitement for the winner. “The Caribbean Lottery team is extremely excited for our winner. He has shown great dedication and optimism, and we wish him abundant success with his project and all future endeavours.”

Ms. Williams shared that in 2018, the Caribbean Lottery paid out over $1.4 Million to Pick 4 winners.

Pick 4 offers players plenty of opportunities to win as there are four draws per day, seven days a week.



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