Lucky numbers finally pay off for Lucky Pick Winner

Lucky numbers finally pay off for Lucky Pick Winner

13 December 2020 – St John’s, Antigua: A dedicated Caribbean Lottery player finally got the win he has been waiting for, when he played his regular numbers on his favourite Lucky Pick game.

Our ‘Winner’ won $95,000, when he purchased his winning ticket from the Caribbean Lottery Retail agent at the Louis Shopping Centre.

“I knew one day I would win, so I kept my faith.  These are numbers I felt strongly about and it’s a game that I just like because you can wake up the next day and rich, but you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket.”  As a businessman our ‘Winner’ sells clothes and different items, on which he stated: “Sales have been slow, but I am surviving.  You can’t sit down one place and make it, you have to go out there, and with this win I felt like a burden come off my back.”

Ms. Paula Williams, Site Manager at Caribbean Lottery is delighted that our Lucky Pick Winner has won at a time most needed for the stability of his livelihood. “Lucky Pick is a very popular game, with great prizes to be won and dreams realised,” she said. “We at the Caribbean Lottery wish to congratulate our ‘Winner’ and wish him the best of success towards the growth and longevity of his business!”

With this win, our ‘Winner’ joins 17 other Lucky Pick jackpot winners in Antigua since the game’s inception.  Lucky Pick jackpot wins to date in Antigua total over EC $1.5 Million dollars.

Our ‘Winner’ also expressed that he was going to buy some more merchandise and invest in his business.  “Yes, most definitely, I will continue playing.  My advice is to play what you can afford and have faith.  Do not give up.  You stand a chance with the ticket. Play when you can afford it!” he exclaimed.



About the Caribbean Lottery:

Caribbean Lottery is a trade name registered and used by Caribbean Lottery Services, Inc. and affiliates that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Providence, Rhode Island-based IGT. Caribbean Lottery™ is the trade name and brand of the lottery games and services offered by the Government authorized provider of Lottery services in Anguilla and in numerous other islands throughout the Caribbean.

The company provides a full suite of services including: game, product and technology development; retail point of sale solutions; communications channels; hardware, software, data storage and data centre operations; financial transactional records in line with industry and worldwide best practices; retailer management and sales and marketing support.

The Caribbean Lottery™ is the only multi-currency, multi-national lottery in existence in the world today. Players are offered an exciting array of products in the Lotto category (Powerball, Mega Millions, Super Lotto, Lucky Pick), Daily Numbers category (Pick 3, Pick 4), Social Space category (Caribbean Keno) and Scratch Ticket category. The mission of the Caribbean Lottery is to raise money for the good causes allocated by the government as beneficiaries of the lottery and to do so in a responsible manner. For more information, please visit



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