Lucky Fisherman reels in a Big Win with Lucky Pick

Basseterre, St. Kitts – September 04, 2020: A shocked but elated C.H. has ‘reeled’ in a whopping win of $132,000 with Caribbean Lottery’s Lucky Pick game.

The 62-year-old fisherman and father of two is feeling great and continues to smile about his shocking win: “The girl at RSJ called me and told me to check my ticket.  It was unbelievable.  Even though I was looking at the numbers, I had to get someone else to call the numbers to make it more real,” he stated. 

C.H. also enthused that: “I was kinda excited yesterday and it’s sinking in slowly, but I’m relaxing and taking it in easy now!”  C.H. who normally plays a specific number decided to use the Quick Pick option this time around and it has paid off.

Sabina Harrinarain, Office Manager at the Caribbean Lottery congratulated C.H. on his win, adding that she was impressed by his calm approach. “At the Caribbean Lottery, we are always happy when we can bring a smile to a winner’s face,” she expressed. “We hope that this win will help to bring financial security for C.H. and his family, and that he will continue to play our popular Lucky Pick game.”

C.H. definitely agreed: “I have been playing the Lottery games for about 14 years and I have never won such a big amount before.  I do believe that God is in the midst of everything, so I kept the faith.”

He plans to use his winnings to fix up his house and expressed that he will continue to play and enjoy the Caribbean Lottery games, just as he enjoys his trade as a fisherman which he learnt from his father.

A smiling C.H. thanked the Caribbean Lottery and Retail Agent RSJ Main, advising other Lottery players “Just keep trying.  You have to be in it to win it!”



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