J. De Joode Hits the Jackpot with the Caribbean Lottery’s Lucky Pick Game

Philipsburg, St. Maarten – June 2, 2021: After weeks of playing a set of numbers that signify important dates within her family, Ms. Janine De Joode is now the Lucky Pick Jackpot winner of $39,000.

After hearing that the Lucky Pick Jackpot had been hit in St. Maarten on May 25, Ms. De Joode visited B&J Store where she bought her ticket and inquired about the winning numbers.  As she walked into the establishment the clerk smiled and said, “I believe you’re the Lucky Pick Jackpot winner.”

In disbelief, Ms. De Joode asked the clerk to verify her ticket. When she heard that she was indeed the Lucky winner, she was shocked and ecstatic both at the same time.

It’s been a week since the Lucky Pick jackpot had been hit but Ms. De Joode expressed that she needed the news to settle in first before coming forward to claim her $39,000 prize.  She was also not worried about her earnings because she knew that her money was safe with the Caribbean Lottery.

“I love the Lucky Pick Game,” said the overjoyed winner. “I have been playing for years and I will definitely continue to play.”

Winning this jackpot will allow her to make the necessary repairs that are needed to her home and she will get the opportunity to travel, something that is long overdue, she said.

Ms. De Joode encourages players to continue to play and believe in their numbers.

Site Manager at the Caribbean Lottery in St. Maarten, Miss Paula Williams congratulated Ms. De Joode on her win: “This is an amazing victory for Ms. De Joode, having consistently played numbers which she deems significant to her in a game that she absolutely loves. We at the Caribbean Lottery can just imagine how rewarding this win is for her. We wish her all the best with her earnings.”




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