It’s a good $ 32,166 Pick 4 start for A.B with the Caribbean Lottery

It’s a good $ 32,166 Pick 4 start for A.B with the Caribbean Lottery


Basseterre, St. Kitts – January 13, 2021:  A.B. has good plans in store now that he has won $ 32,166 with Pick 4.  He purchased his lucky ticket with the winning numbers 5-2-1-9 from the Caribbean Lottery Retail Agent at Brino’s Bar, located in Nevis.

“I always had a strong feeling about this number,” says A.B. “I normally bet them like this and this is how I always play my numbers, but now I’ve actually won on it!” he further exclaimed.

This is not the first win for the 24-year-old, but it is his first time winning such a big amount.  A.B. expressed that his favorite game is Pick 4, as he figured that he could win more money on the game if he played it more, pointing out that: “Even though picking the extra number is more challenging than Pick 3, I find it to be more rewarding.”

A.B stated that he plans to buy land and hopefully build a house.  “I think this is a good start for setting myself up” he enthused.

Office Manager at the Caribbean Lottery, Sabina Harrinarain, congratulated A.B on his win. “We at the Caribbean Lottery are delighted that as a young man, A.B. has his sights firmly set on planning and building smartly for his future!” she said.  “We encourage his enthusiasm and forward thinking and wish him the very best as a wise and committed player.”

A.B says he plays most of the Caribbean Lottery games, but Pick 4 will remain as his top preference.  “I will continue playing as I do, planning it around my work schedule,” he added.

Whilst he did not provide any verbal advice for other players, A.B. instead offered a nod and a knowing smile, which was interpreted as a sign of future plans and wins to come with the Caribbean Lottery.




About Caribbean Lottery:

Caribbean Lottery is a trade name registered and used by Caribbean Lottery Services, Inc. and affiliates that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Providence, Rhode Island-based IGT. Caribbean Lottery™ is the contracted provider of Lottery services in St. Kitts & Nevis and in numerous other islands throughout the Caribbean. 

The company provides a full suite of services including: game, product and technology development; retail point of sale solutions; communications channels; hardware, software, data storage and data center operations; financial transactional records in line with industry and worldwide best practices; retailer management and sales and marketing support.

The Caribbean Lottery™ is the only multi-currency, multi-national lottery in existence in the world today. Players are offered an exciting array of products in the Lotto category (Powerball, Mega Millions, Super Lotto, Lucky Pick), Daily Numbers category (Pick 3, Pick 4), Social Space category (Caribbean Keno) and Scratch Ticket category.  The mission of the Caribbean Lottery is to raise money for the good causes allocated by the government as beneficiaries of the lottery and to do so in a responsible manner.  For more information, please visit



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