First Time Lucky Pick Player Feels “Wonderful” About His Win

July 24, 2019 – Charlestown, Nevis: “This is the first time I have won anything, apart from a teddy bear – which I won at school, a long time ago!” laughed Nevis resident Timothy Hendrickson. He is still in some disbelief that he won $54,250 at the Lucky Pick game, on his very first attempt.

41-year-old Mr. Hendrickson usually checks his tickets after having lunch at the RSJ Bakery in Charlestown, a Caribbean Lottery sales outlet. 

“I feel wonderful about my win,” he exclaimed. “After having lunch, I decided to check the ticket that I bought.  I gave the lady the ticket and said, ‘I don’t know how it goes, so tell me if I win anything.’”  

Then came the surprise. “When she checked it, she started to laugh, as she told me I won,” continued Mr. Hendrickson. “I said to her ‘Miss, don’t make that kind of joke with me!’ and she said ‘You really won!’ They did a print out of my ticket, just to show that my numbers had won - and I honestly could not believe it,” he added. 

Sabina Harrinarain, Business Development Associate at The Caribbean Lottery in St. Kitts, expressed her delight at Mr. Hendrickson’s success. “What an exciting win – the very first time on our Lucky Pick game!” said Ms. Harrinarain. “We wish Mr. Hendrickson every success, and we hope he will continue playing – and win again!” 

Mr. Hendrickson admitted that he did not fully understand how the Lucky Pick game worked, even after the cashier had explained it to him; so, he had decided to use the Quick Pick method. He chose Lucky Pick out of “curiosity,” he said. He usually plays the Super Lotto and Instant Scratch Ticket games.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hendrickson is looking forward to a little summer relaxation. “Culturama is coming up soon, and I am going to enjoy the season for now. After that, I will look at my long-term plans. Right now, I am considering a lot of things that I could do with the money – perhaps land or a vehicle,” said Mr. Hendrickson.

Feeling encouraged by his remarkable win to continue playing, he advised Caribbean Lottery players: “Continue playing, and don’t be afraid to try new games, like I did.  You have to be in it to win it.”



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