Big Wins continue for Pick 4 and Lucky Pick Players in 2020

Big Wins continue for Pick 4 and Lucky Pick Players in 2020

Phillipsburg, St. Maarten – October 29, 2020: In 2019, the Caribbean Lottery paid out over $3.9 million to Lucky Pick and Pick 4 Players. 

Every year, the Caribbean Lottery introduces more opportunities for players to win big whilst enjoying their favourite games and 2020 was no different.

Four recent October Pick 4 big wins, totalling $101,982, has increased the excitement for Lottery players and each winner is motivated about their wins.

“It pays to listen, said an ecstatic Deloris Ellington.  Following the advice of her brother she purchased her winning Pick 4 ticket with the numbers 2, 8, 7, 4 and today Mrs. Ellington is $20,332.00 richer!

For J. Rogers, the number 1647 has always been a lucky number and having seen this number recurring very often in her life, she tried her luck with Pick 4 and won a whopping $20,830.00.  “This is my first-time playing Pick 4, but it definitely won’t be the last,” she exclaimed.

First time Lucky Pick player Ismael Rock decided to try his luck, in purchasing a Quick Pick wager.  With a small $2.00 win and newfound motivation, Mr. Rock played the same set of numbers the following day and although not winning, he decided to play the same numbers for a third time, ultimately proving that ‘3 times is the charm’ with a surprise win of $27,500.00.

“The win feels great,” exclaimed the proud winner! “I am still very grateful for this opportunity.  This win will allow me to assist my family to relieve their financial strain, and also to invest in my business that I just started”, Mr. Rock stated.

Each player also shared that they plan to save some or all of their winnings for future endeavours and encouraged other players to keep playing for their chance to win.

Paula Williams, Site Operations Manager at the Caribbean Lottery stated, “Last year was amazing and we want this year to be even better! We encourage each player to keep playing for their chance to win big with Pick 4 and Lucky Pick and to continue following the Caribbean Lottery on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more chances to win.”

These are just a few of the amazing winning stories. Players continue to secure numerous winnings as the Caribbean Lottery provides more and more chances to win.  Pick 4 and Lucky Pick are among the Caribbean Lottery’s most popular games and offer players plenty of opportunities to win every day.



About the Caribbean Lottery: 

Caribbean Lottery is a trade name registered and used by Caribbean Lottery Services, Inc. and affiliates that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Providence, Rhode Island-based IGT. Caribbean Lottery™ is the contracted provider of Lottery services in Antigua & Barbuda and in numerous other islands throughout the Caribbean.

The company provides a full suite of services including game, product and technology development; retail point of sale solutions; communications channels; hardware, software, data storage and data center operations; financial transactional records in line with industry and worldwide best practices; retailer management and sales and marketing support.

The Caribbean Lottery™ is the only multi-currency, multi-national lottery in existence in the world today. Players are offered an exciting array of products in the Lotto category (Powerball, Mega Millions, Super Lotto, Lucky Pick), Daily Numbers category (Pick 3, Pick 4), Social Space category (Caribbean Keno) and Scratch Ticket category. The mission of the Caribbean Lottery is to raise money for the good causes allocated by the government as beneficiaries of the lottery and to do so in a responsible manner. For more information, please visit




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