Anguilla Player Wins Big Again!

The Valley Anguilla – Friday, February 3, 2017: Gaming enthusiast Leroy Fleming is celebrating his win of EC$146,000 from the Lucky Pick draw on January 26. The winning numbers were 01, 04, 06, 11, 12. The 48-year old is reaping the rewards of playing Caribbean Lottery games, and not for the first time. 

Fleming also struck gold US$1,000 last year, when he selected the winning numbers for Pick 4. 

Caribbean Lottery is pleased to have awarded Fleming with both his prizes and encourages players to try their luck with any of the 7 games available, from over several retailers on the island. As with two-time winner Fleming, the pay-outs can be significant. 

The proud father of three is looking forward to putting his winnings towards the completion of his home. Pleased with his decision to continue purchasing Caribbean Lottery tickets, Fleming shared, “I kept playing those same numbers ever since and it paid off for me. I was told several times to stop playing and save my money. I didn’t listen and now it has paid off for me in a huge way.”

Paula Williams, Site Operations Manager of Caribbean Lottery in Anguilla, noted: “We are excited to have awarded Leroy Fleming with his Lucky Pick prize! It’s especially a pleasure for us to know that he is a repeat winner from two of our very popular games. This goes to show our players that there are many chances for them to win with Caribbean Lottery games and there is a variety available for them to choose from. Our games include: Super Lotto, Lucky Pick, Pick 3, Pick 4, Caribbean Keno, Express Cash and a variety of Instant Scratch Games. We are certainly looking forward to our next big winner!”

Pick 4 and Lucky Pick are Fleming’s two favourite games and his Lucky Pick win cost him only EC$1 per ticket! His advice for other players is, “Don’t give up; keep on playing and one day it will be your turn.” Fleming added that he will continue to try his luck with his favourite Caribbean Lottery games.    



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