A.L. and S.T. on a Winning Streak with the Caribbean Lottery

Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis – May 14, 2021: Players “A.L.” and “S.T.” are on a winning streak with the Caribbean Lottery.  A.L., a frequent winner, secured a windfall of $206,000 with Lucky Pick, while S.T. claimed $9,332 in Pick 4, bringing his total winnings in the game since January 2021 to $35,475.

 A constant winner, A.L. says he usually wins about $4,000 with Pick 4 and also wins consistently on the Lucky Pick.  He plays both games every day.

 Regarding his recent big win of $206,000, he notes with a laugh, “I usually write out my numbers and play, but on this day, I decided to play a quick pick and that was the winning number!” 

 A.L. purchased his winning ticket at Sophie’s Bar and Restaurant at Chapel Street, Nevis and was only aware of his win after being notified by a friend.

I found out I won when my friend told me that my number played.  I couldn’t believe that I won so I waited until the morning to confirm with an agent,” said A.L.

The second winner, S.T., who purchased his ticket at Indo Caribe #1, was also surprised to learn that he had won.

“I didn’t think I would win but I went and checked my numbers online to see how lucky I was,” S.T. remarked.

His recent win of $9,332 follows a series of wins in Pick 4 totaling $35,475, which include $4,995 in April and $18,000 in January.

Regarding the Pick 4 game, he commented, “I play it every now and then, but I do make more of an effort now to play more consistently, especially seeing that I have been consistently winning on it.”  

He added that this latest earning will help him to “pay a few bills.”

Sabina Harrinarain, Office Manager for the Caribbean Lottery in St. Kitts & Nevis congratulated them both: “It is extremely rewarding when we see customers become repeat winners with the Caribbean Lottery and we celebrate these wins with A.L. and S.T.”





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