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Where To Play

The Caribbean Lottery is played throughout the Caribbean islands. To find a Caribbean Lottery Retailer near you, choose your Island below.”
Agent Address
Anna's Market 1 #215-2-4A Anna's Retreat, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Astragali 104 A Red Hook Plaza, St. Thomas VI 00802
Bens Car Wash #3B La Grande Princess, Christiansted VI 00820
Bentick's #18 Company Street, Christiansted VI 00820
Bi Rite Supermarket # 105-106 Richmond, Christiansted VI 00820
BunkerHill Grocery 7A Commandant Gade, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Cap's Place 1-B Cruz Bay, St. John
Carlton Goods Shop #2 Building 3, Frederiksted VI 00851
Cell Works #1A Clifton Hill, Christiansted VI 00850
Chester Fried Chicken 57-118 Smith Bay, 2316 Fronprindsens Gade VI 00802
Choice Gas Station & Minimart # 4B Estate Mountain, Frederiksted VI 00840
Choice Supermarket #96 Anna's Retreat, St. Thomas VI 00802
Christian's Pharmacy #5A  &B Strand Street, Frederiksted VI 00841
Drug Mart 1C Sugar Estate, Charlotte Amalie VI 00830
East End Service Station #75 Estate Boetzberg, Christiansted VI
El Sol Bar & Restaurant #226 Peters Rest, Christiansted VI 00820
In & Out Minimart #33 Frydenhal, St. Thomas VI 
Jiffy Mart #108 Richmond, Christiansted VI 00820
Jungle Food Market # 2 Wheatly Center, Estate Thomas VI 
Kmart - 7413 Sunshine Shopping Center, Frederiksted VI 00820
Kmart - 7793 #900 Lockhart Gardens, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Kmart - Sunny Isle #3972 Big Kmart, Christiansted VI 00820
Kmart Tutu Park #26-A-Tutu Park Mall, St. Thomas VI
La Petite Fenetre #19A Altuna, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Lindberg Bay Market # 11B Lindbergh Bay, VI 00802
Lionel Service Station #1C Orange Grove, Christiansted VI 00823
Luncheria Mexican Food # 2111 Compnay Street, Christiansted VI 00820
M & L  Townmart, LLC #5A King Street, Christiansted VI 
Mail Plus #4605 Tutu Park Mall, Suite 133, Charlotte Amalie 00802
Mail Plus #7-4a Cruz Bay, St. John
Main Office STT Port of Sale Mall, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Main Office STX Sunny Isle, St. Croix VI 00820
Mandahl Market #2 Estate Mandahl, Mandahl St. Thomas VI 00802
Net View # 16-2 Estate Smith Bay, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas VI
Nidals Minimart Estate Dorothea, St. Thomas VI 00801
Nidals Minimart #13 Estate Dorothea, St. Thomas VI 00801
One Love Service Station # 36  La Grande Princess
Papaya Café #5000 Est. Enighed, PMB 413, St. John
Pharmacy one #2B Estate Thomas, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Plaza Extra/ East 4C+D Sion Farm, Christiansted VI 00820
Plaza Extra/West 14 Estate Pleasant, Frederiksted VI 00840
Pueblo Golden Rock Orange Grove, St. Croix VI 00820
Pueblo La Reine La Reine Shopping Center, St. Croix VI 00840
Pueblo Long Bay  Four winds Palza, St. Thomas VI 00802
Pueblo Sub Base Sub Base, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
Ray's Neighborhood Store #47A Mars Hill, Frederiksted VI 00840
Sion farm service station #36 Castle Coakley , Christiansted VI 00820
stop and save #24 Mt. Welcome, Christiansted VI 00820
Super Tanks Serv. Station #1F Diamond, Christiansted VI
Superior Service Station #350 Mount Pleasant, Frederiksted VI 00840
Supreme Supermarket #245 Estate Glynn, Christiansted VI 00820
T & M Grocery #4A Bovoni, Charlotte Amalie, St.Thomas VI 00802
The Little Club #51 King Street, Frederiksted VI 00841
Traxco # 1A Manning Bay, Frederiksted VI 00840
Tutu Park Kiosk 4605 Tutu Park Mall, St. Thomas VI 
Two Plus Two Night Club #17 J La Grande Princess, Christiansted VI 
Value Foods 1 #14-94 Estate Thomas,  Charlotte Amalie, VI 00802
VI Lottery 78-79 Kronprindsen Gade, Charlotte Amalie VI 00802
VI Lottery - Vendors Plaza Vendors Plaza, Charlotte Amalie VI
VI Lottery F'sted  8A King Street, Frederiksted VI 00840
VI Lottery, St. John Cruz Bay, St. John
Vi Lottery/ Sunny Isle Sunny Isle, Christiansted VI 00820
Zack & Jake Food Mart #128B Anna's Retreat, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas VI


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