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St. Maarten Featured Retailers

To find a Caribbean Lottery Featured Retailer near you, choose your Island below.”

New China Store Agent #170835
Judy as this agent is affectionately called, is well known throughout the Island for selling Lottery products, as she aims to provide her customers, with her first class service with a broad smile.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure quality services, and works cohesively with the Lottery to maximize her sales.  She is always eager to have new Instant games in the market, so that she can offer her customers more.

Golden Bay Store Agent #100235

Kevin as he is known, is always energetic and looks for ways in which he can increase his earnings.  He understands the principle in which if, he has satisfied customers he can sell more then he will earn more, which is a win win for both parties.  A very competitive agent, he strives for perfection in all aspects and is willing to try new games and also actively exchanges ideas with our Sales team.


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