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St. Kitts Featured Retailers

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C H Central Delight.  It is located on Central Street, Basseterre.  The owner, Lloyd Walters has been operating his ice cream parlor for the last seven (7) years.  Since opening he has also been selling Lottery products.  He carries all our scratch games and our games are advertised prominently all over his establishment.  

 In late 2010 Mr. Walter who retired a few years ago from the public sector was asked to return on contract to build a recycling plant for the Government.  This left us in a difficult position.  This has been our best agent in sales for many years.  He said it would be a one year contract.  We decided to place a kiosk at his location and manage it ourselves.  He has renewed his contract with The Government and so the kiosk is still being operated from his location.  Sales are one of the best three (3) in the Federation.  He has every desire to return to his parlor as soon as his contract is up, and until then we would keep his seat waiting for him


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