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Become A Retailer!

Caribbean Lottery retailers can earn money in Lottery sales and cashing commissions as well as retailer incentives with every Jackpot winner!

Being a caribbean Lottery retailer is NOW more profitable than ever!

Retailer Incentives
Lottery retailers earn Incentives for selling the winning jackpot tickets.

Retailer Support
Retailers receive the following support from the lottery:

·     A dedicated Lottery Sales Representative

·     Attractive point-of-sale material provided at no cost

·     Ongoing training at no cost

·     In-store promotional opportunities

·     A dedicated Retailer Hotline for assistance

Top Reasons for Becoming a Caribbean Lottery Retailer:

·          Caribbean Lottery Retailers average sizable increases in gross margin per square foot!

·         Caribbean Lottery Retailers attract high-frequency customers that boost Traffic and Sales!

·         Lottery players shop more often and spend more than non-lottery customers!

There is absolutely no application fee to become a Caribbean Lottery retailer.

How To Apply!

·         Complete the E-Z START Retailer Application Assistance form above and a Lottery Representative will contact you or

·         Complete a Retailer Application and required forms (click on links below to download application and forms)

·         For assistance in completing the application or to request assistance from a Representative, contact The Caribbean Lottery Office at 246-227-6420

 (Please allow 8-10 business days for application processing)

Application Forms
adobe reader
Please do not mail these forms
A local representative will be contacting and visiting you soon, and they will pick-up the application, as well as the other required forms, which can also be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

Retailer Application Form

Retailer Credit Form


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